My future is something  I can never know what it can be , but I will decide what it will be. As  a minute passes ,I move ahead of my future, I make a step ahead of myself .Whenever I wake up every morning ,the first thing  that comes my mind is that “ my morning awaits me”. The future that moves fast but can never be seen . I wish to set my eye on my future ,rejoicing of being  great , being what I want to be and making  every bold step  without making mistake , taking every moment of my life honest and making my life upright .That is , I want to be a well-known  personality in my field . Just like everyone has a dream . I  remembered being with my mates, I make a step backward and they are ahead of me . That was a future for me being great like every person that was a dream I will never forget.
   Sometimes, we look at our dream as failure because of the prevailing circumstances but we should know that is the beginning of success . That is the  time you need to make drawing of how the dream will be realized , write a note about the past . It will help you to address the present situation and realize  your dream. “When the going gets tough ,the tough gets going” the survival of the fittest that is my future.

   I pray that my dreams will come true. Amen.

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