How to Increase Dell Laptop Battery Life – Dell ExpressCharge vs Standard Charge

how to increase dell laptop battery life

In this post, I will be covering how to increase dell laptop battery life including how to turn off Dell ExpressCharge feature on your laptop coupled with other tips that will help your laptop battery last longer after charging and also increase the life of your laptop battery.

We tend to overlook or give little attention to laptop batteries when talking about the major or important features of a laptop. We are mostly concerned with feature like the screen size, that RAM, the processor power, the hard disk and the VGA (for gamers and graphic designers).

But, as time goes on – maybe for months or years, as we are using our laptops we come to realize that our laptop batteries require attention and care, and when reverse is the case, laptop owners change their battery their battery sooner than they expect.

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What you need to know about Dell ExpressCharge and Standard Charge

Dell ExpressCharge and Standard Charge are the charging technologies a typical dell laptop normally comes with. You can find dell laptop battery charging technologies here.

What is Dell ExpressCharge?

ExpressCharge is a Dell laptop battery feature that charges the battery using Dell fast-charge technology. If your system is set to this feature, when your PC is powered off, the battery charges to 80 percent within 0ne hour and 100 percent in two hours. The charge time may take longer if the PC is on.

The major disadvantage of the ExpressCharge is that it causes the battery health to reduce as time goes on. Yes, you read that right. So, if this feature is turned on your system, get prepared to change you Batter sooner that you expect.

I will show how to turn this feature off (of course, that’s my major intent of writing this post), but, let’s take a look at Standard Charge.

Standard Charge

Standard charge fully charges the battery the battery at moderate rate. This charging feature helps to extend battery life at the same time provides a reasonable fast charging time.

How to Increase Dell Laptop Battery Life (By Switching to Standard Charge)

From the explanations above, I know what you got in mind – why keeping what is of no benefit to me, but rather harms my pc. Below are the steps to access the settings to switch between Expresscharge and Standard charge.

  • Step1- switch on your system or restart it.
  • Step2- click the f2 button like three times once the manufacturer’s logo comes up (don’t let the windows or your OS logo come up).
  • Step3- when the bios setup open, move to the power management section and click the + sign by the left side.
  • Step4- on the dropdown options, locate and click on ExpressCharge.
  • Step5- by the left select Standard or ExpressCharge based on your choice (if I’m wrong, you would like opt in for standard charge).
  • Step6- click on apply to save your settings, then, click on exit your system will now boot.

Best Laptop Battery Charging Tips To help Improve Your Battery life

  • Do not discharge your laptop battery completely before the next charge. You can you the advance power setting to hibernate your laptop when it reaches a particular level while discharging. this will ensure that your laptop doesn’t suck up the battery before going off
  • Only charge your battery when necessary. This is because, charging your laptop all the time can weaken your battery capacity.
  • Try as much as possible to keep your laptop cool. Aside from the tendency for damaging your laptop board, too much heat is unfavorable to your battery as well. you would like to check our post for tips to prevent your laptop from overheating.
  • It is not ideal to charge your laptop up to 100%. From 80% to 95% charge would best for the health of your battery.

Other Hacks That Can Undoubtedly Help to Extend Your Battery Duration After Charging

  • Reduce your screen brightness.
  • If your laptop comes with keyboard light, you can do well to turn it off.
  • Click on the battery icon at the task bar and toggle the slider to “best battery life”.
  • Close open apps that you are not currently using.
  • Disable wireless connections when not in use.
  • Detach unnecessary peripherals.


With these few hacks, if properly implemented, it will not only extend your battery life after charging but will also help to increase the lifespan of your laptop battery.

Thanks for having you here, if you have any questions or suggestions, reach out to us via the comment section.