How to Gift Data on Glo in 2022 (3 best ways)

In our last post we talked about how to share data (MB) on Glo which is quite different from gifting data. In this article, we will discuss the different ways on how to gift data on Glo.

How to Gift Data on Glo
3 Best ways to Gift Data on Glo

To gift data on Glo simply means to buy data for another Glo customer/number, and the charges will be deducted from your Glo airtime balance. The quota of data chosen will automatically be sent to the Glo number.

While to share data on Glo means to add Glo number to your data share list so that they could be able to browse from your data balance.

Therefore, to successfully gift data to another Glo customer, you must have an airtime balance that can pay for that particular data bundle.

Use data gifting when you want to allot a specific amount of data to Glo users, of which the chargers will be on your Glo main airtime balance. And use Glo data sharing if you want them to browse from your available data balance. Continue reading to see how to gift data from Glo to Glo with 3 different methods.

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How to Gift Data on Glo

You can gift data to Glo number using USSD, Glo Cafe app or via Glo HSI Portal.

Ensure you have a main airtime balance that can cover the charges for the data plan you want to gift.

The steps for the different methods are further detailed below, so you can choose anyone that comes handy.

#1 Gift data using USSD

To gift data on Glo using USSD:

  1. Dial *777# and enter 2 for “Data”
  2. Enter 3 for Gift Data Plan
  3. Select a plan to gift
  4. Enter the number to receive the data and send

#2 Gift Data with Glo Cafe App

Another easy way to gift data on Glo is from Glo Cafe App. Glo Cafe has all the features to manage your account in one place.

You can install Glo Cafe for android or for iPhones from the links respectively.

To Gift data on Glo using Glo Cafe:

  1. Log in to Glo Cafe with your Glo number.
  2. click “Share/Gift” on the home page of the app
    Click Share/Gift on Glo Cafe home page
  3. Ensure you are on the Gift Data tab and Enter the Glo line or Click the contact icon to select from your contact list
    how to gift data on Glo using Glo Cafe
  4. Click “Select Data Pack” and select the data plan
  5. Finally, Click on “Gift Data

#3 Gift Data via Glo HSI Portal

Glo HSI Portal is another place where you can manage your Glo account conveniently with respect to data plans.

To gift data via Glo HSI Portal:

  1. Open on your browser using your Glo line
  2. select “Plans for 4G and 3G” from the menu
    how to gift data on Glo Via HSI Portal.
  3. Click on the Gift Icon in the plan you want to gift
    Click on the gift icon
  4. Enter the Glo mobile number to which you would like to gift plan and special message (optional) that will be sent to the recipient via SMS
  5. Finally, click “Gift it!

When you use any of these three methods above, the data will be sent to the Glo mobile number, and they will receive a message via SMS, notifying them about the data gifted to them.

How to Check Gift Data Balance on Glo

You can check your gift data balance the same way you check your normal data balance.

To check gift balance on Glo, dial *127*0# or dial *777#, enter 2 (Data), then enter 5 (Check Data Balance)

Alternatively, you can log on to using your Glo mobile number, or log in to Glo Cafe app to check your data balance.

How to Gift Data on Glo from my Data Balance?

You can not gift data on Glo from your data balance, rather, you can share your Glo data balance with family and friends.

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Hope this article helped you on how to gift data on Glo. You can always use Glo data gifting to send a specific amount of data to loved ones when you don’t want to share your data balance with them, or when you have a non-sharable data plan.

N.B.: To access Glo HSI Portal, you must use the Glo SIM card in question with data in it. But to use Glo cafe app, you can use any internet service provider, but you have to enter the verification code that will be sent to the Glo number you want to log in with.