Highlife: Greatzone – Chinedu Oshimiri

Highlife: Greatzone - Chinedu Oshimiri
David Chibuike Ereke popularily known by his stage name “Greatzone” is a Hip-Hop, Afro-pop and a highlife artiste from Ebonyi state was born to a family of five.
He took after his father who was a dj.He started singing at a tender age but professionally in the year 2010. His first single titled titled “Ebony son” featured Slow dog and produced by lord cornel was released in the year 2014.
In 2018 he dropped a highly sought-after high life song titled “Chinedu Oshimiri” which was a dedication to one chief Dr Mc Nwankwo (Oshimiri 1 of Ogboji Kingdom) Oshimmiri is a helper to uncountable people, that is why people call him the helper of the poor. 
Download and listen to the Highlife below
Highlife: Greatzone - Chinedu Oshimiri
Dr Mc Nwankwo (Oshimiri 1 of Ogboji Kingdom)

Greatzone – Chinedu Oshimiri.mp3

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