Simple Trick to Fix “Your IP address has changed” error message on cPanel

This post is aimed at knowing the cause and how to fix IP Address change on cPanel. Many of us using cPanel must have come across this error massage, “Your IP address has changed. please log in again” multiple times on accessing your cPanel Dashboard.

This message sometimes show after a successful login massage and sometimes your cPanel dashboard will load then redirect back to the login interface. This post will put you through a simple trick to fix it. Just read to the end.

How fix your ip has changed please login again on cpanel
IP address change error massage

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What Is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel that helps you manage the backend of your hosting dashboard. It simplifies the hosting management process by providing a graphical user interface and lets you accomplish tasks with a couple of clicks.

What are the uses of cPanel?

Uses of cPanel include but are not limited to;

  • Connect domain names to your hosting.
  • Set up emails for your site.
  • Install WordPress or other Content Management System ( CMS)
  • Back up your website.
  • Upload files to your server.
  • Check your bandwidth and other usage stats.
  • Change various security settings.

The cause of IP address change on cPanel and how to fix it

What is the cause?

This is most likely occurs when your Network IP changes constantly (Dynamic IP Address) by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and cPanel is protecting you from possible session hijacking by automatically logging you out when this change is detected.

How To Get Rid Of “Your IP address has changed please login again” on cpanel

This error can be simply fixed by accessing your cPanel dashboard using This involves writing cPanel as a subdomain followed by your website domain. This solution works perfectly for me, hopefully it will work for you but, if I doesn’t check out this page for an advanced guide on the resolution.